Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stupid Mexicans.....Que!

Stupid Mexicans! Where and why did this horrible description come from? Here is my opinion. What's yours.

Logistics, logistics, logistics. Let face it. There are poor uneducated people around the globe. The difference is Mexico is a stones throw away from our US border. It doesn't take much to cross. A lot of poor souls looking for a better opportunity are making the trip north in search of a better livelihood. If Mexico was located in the Middle East or South East Asia, it would require a lot more resources to make the trip to the US. Immigrants from those far off countries are from a different socio-economic class than those Poor Mexican farmers or unskilled workers.

Are their educated Mexicans coming to the US? Yes, but not as many. If you have a skill why would one leave family and friends and go to a strange new country. Sure, some want adventure. But overwhelmingly, those Hispanics coming to America are mostly unskilled. Keep in mind that a great majority of the Hispanics making their way North to the US can do it without spending a fortune. Additionally, those that do come to the US place a high emphasis in work. Work, work, work is all they think about. Sadly, education is not a top priority for them or their children. I would bet a high percentage of 2nd generation immigrants also don't place a high priority on education. Often but not frequently, does a anomaly occur where children have a interest in education. Usually a role model or mentor make the difference. If this country, the USA, is going to compete globally we will need to mentor this next generation to take an interest in post secondary education.

Fear not though. Our new residents were smart to recognize their limited opportunities in Latin America. Let's be grateful we have the smart ones. Now let's educate and train them to enhance the future of our country.

Que piensas?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

No more mananas!!!

Dirty, stupid, lazy Mexicans.

Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, etc...we are all the same to the rest of the non-Hispanic world. Nevertheless, that's a different topic.

I did think long and hard about this first line. But this first statement came from somewhere. We have all heard this line. Why was this said? Somewhere? Someone, some time ago said this. Is there any truth?

Maybe....but first let me say, I know one cannot paint everyone with the same brush. No, I do not stereotype. But let's face it, when you dive through the local barrio why is our barrio less than presentable. Why is the graffiti more abundant than manicured landscaping? In my community, Hispanics have been in metro Detroit for the past 50 years. The Arabic community in the past 20 years has exploded. When you compare both barrios, hands down the Arabic community has their act together. An argument can be made they have more economic resources...so what? Just because the Hispanic community is poor it doesn't meat we have to be dirty. We cannot wait for tomorrow, we need to change today. We need to pick up the garbage around our neighborhoods, we need to paint our houses, we need to maintain our lawns, etc... When you see someone littering bring it to their attention, that it is not acceptable to litter anywhere. If we do not respect and maintain our neighborhoods why should we expect others to value our communities. It begins with us, you and I. Once we take this first step we will teach our children. Then the next generation will follow. Can the perception of our dirty barrio change over night. Yes....it begins with your front yard. Is your barrio dirty, decaying, graffiti ridden, garbage laden??? Do something about it.

Next week, we'll discuss "stupid Mexicans".